Swissport Cargo

Same-Day Release Vendor in PayCargo

Swissport Cargo

We are pleased to announce that Swissport Cargo has joined the PayCargo Payment Network as a same day release Vendor.

You can now pay them via PayCargo and obtain a quick, same day release.

About Swissport Cargo


Under the name of “Swissair Ground Services International AG”, Swissport was incorporated on 16 August 1996 before a notary public in Switzerland. 

The legal separation from its parent company Swissair laid the basis for a global growth and success story which continues to this day. 


From its modest beginnings with operations at the airports in Zurich, Geneva and Basel, Swissport has developed into a global leader. 

By the end of 2020, Swissport was operating at 269 airports in 47 countries.

Today, some 850 air carriers place their trust in Swissport as an outsourcing partner.

Swissport is back and well placed to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis ahead of its competitors.  

They want to firmly establish the company as a natural partner for airlines and airports and the undisputed sector leader. 

The company combines great service with cost leadership and provide their customers with market leading process flexibility and system compatibility. 


Swissport Advantages

  • Airport ground services
  • Modern air cargo warehouse
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Handling
  • Cargo Handling
  • Fueling

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