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Same-Day Release Vendor in PayCargo

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We are pleased to announce that Sure Logix LLC has joined the PayCargo Payment Network as a same day release Vendor.

You can now pay them via PayCargo and obtain a quick, same day release.

About Sure Logix LLC


Sure Logix LLC’s headquarters is in New Orleans, LA and they have built a strong and time-tested reputation through years of delivery, strategic thinking, and customer service for local businesses that trust them year in and year out with their shipping and distribution needs.

Their dependable fleet and skilled logistics team have spent years proudly assisting local businesses: planning routes, loading trucks, and delivering products quickly and safely.

With their shipping service,  your goods will be delivered from the location throughout the gulf coast with the care and precision you need to rest easy knowing their team has you covered.

The extensive experience of its drivers, logistics managers, warehouse distribution staff, and freight teams sets them apart from other fly-by-night brands.

They have combatted everything from weather to traffic, and kept consistent deliveries for clients no matter what. Big or small, simple or complex, they are the team you need.


SureLogix Advantages 

  • Efficiency: Whether you’re building a distribution delivery service from the ground up or you’d like them to take over an existing system, they will provide you with an efficient delivery.
  • Variety: with their logistics, shipping, and distribution, you have access to a wide range of services to meet the needs of your growing company. 
  • Professionalism: Their team will make a professional impression on your customers. 
  • Growth: with the shipping service and logistics managers, they will work alongside you to create flexible distribution systems to support both anticipated growth and unexpected changes.
  • Thoroughness:  They carefully check every detail to guarantee a timely delivery – rain or shine.
  • Customer Service: their distribution team is trained to prioritize your time – and provide quick, effective solutions to your transportation needs.
  • Local:  their managers are familiar with particular shipping quirks, traffic difficulties, and weather complications unique to Louisiana. This familiarity allows them to create highly effective distribution plans for their customers.
  • Experience: they staff experienced drivers, mechanics, and dispatchers. Their shipping service hires skilled, experienced team members to handle your goods.

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